A Few Words About Us

When you enter our addiction recovery treatment center, you’ll be taking part in a recovery program that identifies the areas where you need the most care and applies it accordingly. We understand that you have been struggling with addiction, but at our substance abuse treatment facility, we can provide you with the support you need to face addiction and come out ahead. When you enter our addiction recovery treatment facility, you’ll be taking part in a program that considers each unique client and provides a fully customized recovery plan for all of them. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the high standard of care that they deserve.

This means that we provide a number of different therapeutic programs. These include individual therapy sessions, where you’ll have the chance to meet with one of our addiction counsellors on a personal basis. There, you’ll be able to discuss anything you’d like in privacy. We also offer group therapy sessions, where you’ll meet with your peers in the addiction recovery center to share knowledge and wisdom.

Why Choosing Us

When you enter our addiction recovery treatment center, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with one of our friendly professionals and discuss your situation.

We understand that admitting you have a problem is essential in the recovery process, and we applaud you for having the self-reflective capabilities to examine your situation and realize that you need help to reach your recovery goals.

At our addiction recovery treatment center, we are dedicated to probing all of our clients with the support they need. Let our experience benefit you, as well!


Our Services

  • Dual Diagnosis

    In order to ensure that every client has access to the treatment strategies they need in order to successfully attain recovery, our drug rehab center provides a plethora of recovery techniques.

  • Supervised Detox

    We know that certain treatment may work better for certain individuals, and in order to provide our clients with the specific treatment strategy that will work best for their situation, we ensure that we have a full variety of evidence-based recovery strategies available for our clients to take part in.

  • Personalized Plans

    Other drug rehab clinics might have a single, standardized plan for every client who enters their program, but we know that the most effective way of providing addiction recovery treatment is ensuring that every client receives personalized care.

You Can Get Your Life Back!

We want all of our clients to get the addiction recovery treatment they deserve.